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Anthony J. Carter is a freelance writer who works as the main news writer on Web Hosting Ratings. He writes daily on WHR on the latest news story involving the web hosting industry.

How to Easily Improve Drupal SEO

Regardless of what type of website you operate, search engine optimisation (SEO) the single biggest factor in achieving success. Ninety-three percent of all online experiences start with a search engine and search is the number one driver of traffic to websites. While Drupal is not totally SEO-friendly out of the box, it has all the […]

How to Install Drupal on a Subdomain

If you are running a successful website, it can be hard to make changes without having to suffer some downtime. Of course, being offline means losing vital traffic – something you can ill-afford. Given the functionality of Drupal, there will always be times when you wish to tinker with the look of your site or […]