1 & 1 Announces Free Smart Phone App

As the line of distinction between computer and smartphone technology gets ever thinner, Web hosting companies are beginning to understand the potential of smart phone apps. Such was demonstrated this past week when 1 & 1 announced the introduction of a brand-new app that will allow its customers to register domain names using their mobile phones. 1 & 1 is certainly not the first web host with this idea; Hosting Ireland released a similar app for its customers just a few weeks ago.

Though Hosting Ireland’s app allows its customers to do a little bit more than simply register domain names, it is limited to just the iPhone. The advantage of the 1 & 1 app is that it is compatible with any iPhone, the iPod touch, and all android-based smartphones. And since Apple and android pretty much dominates the smartphone market, that covers just about everyone.

In their official announcement, 1 & 1 went out of their way to make sure customers know the app is free to use. Customers simply download it to their smartphone, register the app with their 1 & 1 user name and password, and they’re off and running. With the smartphone, 1 & 1 customers can check the availability of a domain name with the app’s built-in Whois, search, then register any domain that’s not yet taken.

Be advised that even though using the app is free, customers will still have to pay the standard domain name registration fee of $.99 per year. When a company sells 11 million domains annually, as 1 & 1 claims, they can’t afford to give them away for free.

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