1 & 1 Launches New Server Line

1&1, one of the web hosting industry’s current darlings, has made news once again with their announcement of a new line of high-capacity servers. The new line boasts servers with 32 processor cores, 64 GB ECC RAM, and Turbo Core technology from AMD. According to the announcement 1&1 believes it is one of only a small number of large web hosts offering customers this much capacity for dedicated servers.

The AMD Opteron-6272 CPU is the workhorse of the new servers, with each one utilizing two of them on-board. The Opteron-6272 can be upgraded to 3.0 GHz if need be, as supposed to the default 2.1 GHz clock speed. In addition, each server includes a RAID 6 system and storage space with a capacity of just under 2.5 TB. 1&1 maintains they are ideal for cloud computing, large-scale virtualization, and systems with large database and development needs.

According to 1&1 Internet CEO Oliver Mauss, his company has put itself in a good position for future development with the new servers, especially with a price tag of only $630 per month. That fee includes 24/7 support and the 1&1 Server XXL 32 Core package.

“The market trend shows that there is a growing demand for more powerful servers,” he said. “We see enormous potential for the applications product area and we want to position ourselves early.”

1&1 is a global web hosting company boasting 10 million customers, 11 million registered domains, more than 4,000 employees, and nine different service plans to meet the needs of both small and large clients alike. 1and1 was originally established in 1998 and now has a presence throughout North America and Europe.

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