1&1 Announces Upgraded Dynamic Cloud Server

Global Web hosting company 1&1 Internet Ltd. has announced a significant upgrade to its Dynamic Cloud Server which could potentially change the way cloud customers plan for their future web hosting needs. The key to the upgrade is scalability, something which has plagued the web hosting industry for years. Being able to grow with customers has long been possible, but making it convenient without interrupting a customer’s business needs has been a challenge.

With the upgrade, configuration changes with essential components like RAM and CPU can be made as needed, even on an hourly basis if circumstances dictate. The flexibility gives smaller businesses utilizing a cloud environment from a company like 1&1 the same scalability and power large corporations already enjoy by owning and deploying their own infrastructure. It makes the small business more competitive because it keeps them up to speed with their larger competitors.

“If a company using a traditional dedicated server requires an increase in computing power, significant time and resources is needed to change configurations over to a new machine,” company officials wrote in an official press release. “1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server eliminates such a time consuming process by enhancing usability and accessibility.”

1&1 also pointed out the benefits of its multi-function virtual infrastructure. With this platform customers utilizing an entire server on their own can now add up to 99 virtual machines to their environment with quick accessibility via their control panel. Each of these virtual machines can be configured to meet specific needs and run specific software. Furthermore, customers can start or stop, reset, or delete each one as needed.

For more information about the upgraded Dynamic Cloud Server customers are urged to contact 1&1 directly.

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