1&1 Internet Announces Launch of New MyWebsite Features

1&1 Internet has announced the addition of a number of new tools to its MyWebsite package. They are specifically targeted towards small businesses and will enhance both the function and appearance of any website.

1&1 is determined to build on its recent TV marketing campaign, which put social media and SEO at the forefront of its advertising efforts. Undoubtedly, the company wants to continue to enable small businesses to build a successful e-business strategy.

Its new Video Maker tool provides business owners with the tools to create audio-visual material, which they can then use to publish sales material on their websites. Clients can also build their own video from 20 images, along with royalty-free music tracks supplied by 1&1.

The new Online Brochure tool allows customers to create new brochures within a matter of seconds. It automatically combines image and text into a PDF brochure, which can go up to 32 pages. Customers can view, print, and share this tool through various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, its new Online Survey tool provides survey creation capabilities. Small business owners can embed their professional online survey form directly into their home page, and customise according to their specific needs and requirements.

With the latest additions to its portfolio of over 75 web applications, 1&1 maintains its position as the hosting company with the largest range of applications. The hosting company said it wanted to continue to add to its packages in order to benefit people at all levels.

Whilst the announcement focused on the needs of small business owners, it wanted to design a system which would enable companies of any size to enhance their websites. The focus of these new apps is on more control and rapid integration.

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