1&1 Internet Collaborates on its US and Canadian Affiliate Launch

Global webhosting provider, 1&1 Internet Inc., recently announced its new partnership with Affiliate Window. The new collaboration intends to increase the potency of its newest Canadian and US affiliate program.

The launch of the affiliate program marks 1&1’s first ever affiliate program geared specifically towards the Canadian market. Already the brand is expected to lead the way for 1&1 through aggressive development tactics and an effective marketing strategy to increase the size of its customer base. It’s also looking to expand towards other customer groups; specifically review-ranking sites and content portals which have demonstrated major successes in the past with its US program. 

Joining with Affiliate Window will involve catering specifically to small businesses with a significant amount of web traffic. With the new affiliate service, flexibility and support are the two factors at its core. Customers have full technical support, simple account management options, and real performance results.

The Public Relations Manager for 1&1, Kelly Meeneghan said: “We have been continuously looking for opportunities to expand our affiliate network in the US as well as establish a successful presence in Canada.” She continued to speak about the partnership: “In choosing Affiliate Window, their impressive reputation for growing and building global programs has us excited to embark on this new venture. We look forward to developing this partnership and leveraging 1&1’s affiliate program to a more global level.”

The Director of Client Services for Affiliate Window, Anthony Clements, added: “We are thrilled to be chosen as the network of choice for 1&1 Internet’s first ever Canadian program,” He continued: “It is fantastic that a brand like 1&1 Internet have seen the value that Affiliate Window can deliver and are on board with our commitment to bring a service and technology oriented approach to affiliate marketing in the US and Canada.”

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