1&1 Internet Reveals Results from Online Consumer Security Study

1&1 Internet recently announced its results from its consumer study conducted into the attitudes towards business website security, as well as what encourages a customer to buy products or services from a certain website.

The results revealed 54% of consumers were actively concerned about online businesses and their security levels. All this despite the fact the prevalence of online shopping is increasing. 1&1 put these views down to the fact 70% of Americans revealed they knew about the many dangers threatening the security of websites. Eighty percent of the respondents said they knew websites regularly logged the data of its customers.

1&1’s desire behind conducting this study was to find out more about what their small business customers, and their consumers, thought. 1&1 mainly provides services to small businesses and they are consistently looking for ways to improve.

Another reason behind the unveiling of this latest study was to promote its new security scanning service further. The service, in collaboration with security provider SiteLock, allows customers to identify potential flaws in their security systems.

Twenty-none percent of the respondents said they had prepared to buy something before only to change their minds when they became concerned about how secure their personal and financial data truly was. Security concerns are dramatically affecting small businesses who market their wares online as 47% of consumers said they knew small businesses were a bigger target for malicious attacks. Most surprising of all was the statistic that only 14% of people believed small businesses have adequate online defence systems in place.

Some good news did arise from 1&1 Internet’s security study, though. Seventy percent of people said they were more likely to buy from a business, as well as spend more, if they could see positive steps were being taken to enhance the site’s security.

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