1&1 Internet Reveals UK Consumer Habits on E-Commerce

1&1 Internet has revealed the reports of a study on UK consumer habits in relation to buying online. It revealed that at least 25 percent of UK consumers would not buy from a website due to fears surrounding security levels.

Another study was conducted in America a few months previously, and this revealed similar results. Twenty-nine percent of US consumers said they had abandoned the idea of purchasing from a website that appeared to have inadequate security.

The study by 1&1 used a total of 1500 UK adults and asked them about their feelings in relation to e-commerce security and online threats. Fifty-nine percent of the people who responded claimed they were concerned about a site’s ability to protect their personal and financial details.

Over half of the adults who responded successfully recognised how malware and viruses changed on a regular basis. Twenty-five percent also believed small businesses were bigger targets for malicious attacks.

1&1 Internet found this information particularly revealing as they offer many of the security services designed to protect small businesses. Just last week they launched a new vulnerability scanner for small businesses to assess their site’s security weaknesses. The timely release of this study is most certainly in anticipation for a renewed marketing push.

More consumers are becoming aware of online security risks. In the survey, fifty-five percent of Britons who responded said websites that actively captured data were a prime target for cybercrime. A further one in five also had suffered lost financial details in the past, or had known someone who had experienced these issues. This underlines the importance of adequate online security for websites as it proves consumers are becoming aware of the importance of malware and virus protection.

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