1&1 Releases Dynamic Cloud Server Snapshot

The global webhosting provider 1&1 Internet Ltd has released a new security solution for customers to take advantage of. It’s geared towards its Dynamic Cloud Server products and is known as Snapshot.

This new security solution for cloud server virtual machines enables these virtual machines to completely restore themselves without the aid of any customer support services. It gives customers an unprecedented level of independence. To restore the server, a virtual image is created of the database and server configurations. It acts as an auto-save feature, which the server is able to access later should users need to return to a previous configuration.

1&1 is predicting the new security solution will come in handy when installing new software. If complications arise, which they often do, all is not lost. The user can simply return to their previous configuration and try again.

Businesses expect to offer their services without any downtime. Part of this commitment requires total efficiency of their IT infrastructures. If these infrastructures collapse customers are going to go elsewhere. Manually setting up new software on servers often results in a significant period of downtime. Customers are unable to access the server, and there are no other alternatives. With the threat of reduced earnings and dissatisfied clients, it is essential businesses maintain 100% efficiency.

1&1 Snapshot enables businesses to maintain their efficiency and defend against any possible downtime. The new system is simple to use, with just a few clicks required to set the whole system up. As long as users take a snapshot it doesn’t matter how many changes are made, the original snapshot enables complete restoration of the previous server and database configuration.

These snapshots are available forever. Only when users take a new snapshot will the original snapshot be replaced. Customers won’t have to pay a penny for this new security solution as it comes included with all 1&1’s existing cloud server packages.

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