1&1 Releases Results of Recent TV Ad Campaign

Pennsylvania-based web hosting provider 1&1 launched an aggressive ad campaign this past fall aimed at promoting its MyWebsite tool through a heavy dose of television advertising. The move was well noticed by many a consumer who had never heard of the 1&1 name prior to the start of the campaign. And according to a recent announcement from the company, the attention has most definitely paid off.

According to 1&1 officials, the top four sectors interested in their new web building tool are consulting, real estate, business services, and retail. They were quick to note that most of the interest was shown by small firms who realize they need a dependable web presence but can’t afford to hire their own dedicated IT staff. Following the top four sectors were non-profit organizations, professional photographers, IT firms, religious organizations, health care companies, and marketing firms.

“Our MyWebsite campaign is clearly inspiring business owners by showing just how quickly and easily one can launch an attractive, industry-tailored website,” said 1&1 CEO Oliver Mauss via a company statement. “These businesses can benefit hugely from being online and we include impactful [sic] elements such as social media and mobile functionality to ensure that their website works hard.”

The 1&1 MyWebsite tool is an automated web building platform which allows inexperienced individuals to set up a professional looking website with little effort. There’s no need for extensive programming experience or development skills in order to make it work. After choosing a design style and entering the appropriate information, the tool generates a website automatically which can then be modified later on by an experienced developer or company employees.

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