1&1 Supports U.S. Entrepreneurial Veterans

Global web hosting provider 1&1 has launched its ‘Veteran Appreciation Program’ to support all troops fighting for the United States.

This is the first campaign in the web hosting industry targeted specifically towards veterans. It aims to promote veteran small business owners, who can now receive a MyWebsite Plus package for free. The subscription will last for six months and includes the tools needed to successfully bring a small business online.

Oliver Mauss, the CEO of 1&1 stated the reasoning for the launch of this new program: “We would like to show our appreciation by offering assistance to them to achieve their new career goals. By providing US veterans a foundation for creating and growing their own business using the Internet, they will be better positioned to conquer the business world.”

The MyWebsite tool is offering veterans the chance to get their business online in a matter of business. It requires no technical knowledge and enables people to alter their websites from anywhere where there’s a working Internet connection. Images, text, mobile optimisation, and the ability to implement social media tools means business owners have all the tools they need to create an online presence.

One US veteran called Santiago Valdizan has already taken advantage of the service and commented: “As a small business, 1&1 MyWebsite has provided me the opportunity to interact with potential and existing clients on a level that my competitors cannot.”

Signing up for the MyWebsite Plus package is easy. Veterans should go to veteran.mywebsite.com and submit their military identification whilst ordering. Once it’s authorised, a free six months will be given. After the six-month period ends the service will cost $19.99 a month to take advantage of.

1&1 has demonstrated its creativity by becoming the first web host to host such a program. Critics are predicting a number of other web hosting providers may opt for the same route in the future.

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