1&1 Web Hosting Publishes Results of Faulty Websites Study

Well-known web host 1&1 have just published the results of a study carried out into faulty websites and have concluded that its French users who are bearing the brunt of the problem. They also published their shocking results about the impact it has on companies who are attempting to bring in new trade.

The study was carried out on 1003 different French users and monitored the issues and the subsequent effects that they had on each user. 52% of users commented on the fact that more commonly used websites are having issues than five years ago. The devastating effect it has had is that 68.2% of these users commented that they decided not to use the services of the company in question if it had a faulty website.

When it came to the major problems, users commented that the most troublesome issues were slow loading of web pages, according to 50.1% of the group, and incomplete websites, according to 35.9% of the group. 1&1 suggested that many reputable organisations are suffering as a result of not using a good web host.

Olivier Mauss, the CEO of 1&1, commented on the situation: “Unreliable websites give a negative image of companies of all sizes and types. It is clear that when faced with a defect site consumers will go elsewhere. The most surprising thing is the proportion of users who will not return.”

1&1 web hosting aims to solve the problem by implementing geo-redundancy for clients, which helps to make websites more reliable. Different data centres operate at the same time so any power outage won’t cause a website to break down. Companies are advised by the study to choose a reputable website that uses the latest technology or risk losing business.

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