1&1’s MyWebsite Tool Gains New Additions

1&1, the global web hosting giant, has increased the usefulness of its MyWebsite tool by opening up the possibility of integrating a number of web applications into it.

The building tool will now be able to benefit from 100 different web applications which the company has added to it. Users will now have the ability to tailor their websites to their specific line of work including social media, shopping, and general eCommerce.

Whilst there are 100 apps from the most popular to the most obscure, the traditional favourites of Amazon, PayPal, FaceBook, and Skype are just a few of the well-known apps available to users to integrate into their websites.

Users will now be able to login to their admin page and drag and drop the chosen app tool onto their web page. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge, so even the most technologically-challenged users will have no problems building up and maintaining their websites.

The apps are integrated into the designs offered by MyWebsite, so any widgets won’t cause users to be taken away from their current website. One example involves customer reviews being displayed using the Yelp template on the same page.

1&1 has already stated its intentions of including more apps in the next 12 months to add even more functions to its web building service. 1&1 CEO, Oliver Mauss, stated: “Consumer expectations for websites are continuing to increase. It is no longer a case of maintaining an online business card, but rather providing a complete sector-relevant resource to interact and fulfil more customers need as conveniently as possible.”

Interested parties are able to purchase the MyWebsite tool on a 30-day free trial before converting to the subscription-based service where users will pay £9.99 a month. Additional apps will incur additional subscription costs.

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