2 Ways to Be a Mobile WordPress Updater


In a previous blog post, we explained the necessity but challenges of building mobility into your WordPress website. In short, mobile internet access is growing around the world. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you are likely losing traffic. For this post, though, we want to look at mobility in the other direction. Rather than mobility for your users, let us talk about mobility for you as the owner of your WordPress site.

The normal WordPress environment requires you to use your desktop or laptop computer to edit your site or add new content. You know the drill. You log in to your site, go to the Dashboard, and either update or post something new. Then you exit and go on your way. But what if you want to update your site while on the go? Now you can, and there are two ways to do it.

Updating on the go is perfect for people like travel bloggers, restaurant reviewers, and the like. Rather than having to take notes in order to create posts back at the office, mobility allows you to update your WordPress site directly from your phone or tablet. Here’s how you do it:

1. Mobile Updates Via Email

You know what they say about WordPress: there’s a plugin for that. Actually, there are numerous plugins for mobile updates now available through the WordPress plugins page. As always, these plugins add instant functionality to your site without any knowledge of code required. The two below are really easy to use:

  • Post by Email – This plugin allows you get new posts up on your site through e-mail. Just create your new post, send it to a designated e-mail address, and this plugin takes care of the rest. It supports IMAP and POP3, with or without SSL.
  • Postie Plugin – This plugin is a bit more advanced than the previous one. It allows you to create new posts, assign categories, and even post extra content such as videos and pictures. It also supports both IMAP and POP3, with or without SSL.

JetPackIf your website is powered by Jetpack, you have an even better option for posting by e-mail. Right within Jetpack is a module known as ‘Post by E-Mail’. All you need to do is activate it in the Jetpack settings and then use the specially generated e-mail address the platform creates for you. Send your updates to that address, and you are good to go.

2. Get the Mobile App

Posting by e-mail is a quick and dirty way to update WordPress on-the-fly. But there’s a better way if you have a mobile device running iOS or Android: the mobile app. WordPress now has an excellent app for both platforms, downloadable for free.

With the app, you can use your mobile device to write new posts, edit existing posts and pages, upload videos and pictures, and even manage comments. The iOS app works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; the Android version support all but the oldest devices.

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