3 Hacks to Improve the Shopify Experience


As great as the Shopify platform is for setting up an online retail presence, it is just a tool that takes the place of a brick-and-mortar store. Shopify alone isn’t going to make you a retail millionaire. You have to do other things to drive traffic to your store, encourage people to buy, and tell others about you. Please know that it isn’t hard to do. It just requires thinking outside the conventional retail box.

Very few traditional retail strategies work online because the online model is a completely different paradigm. To make that point, we will refer to the three strategies listed below as ‘hacks’ for improving the Shopify experience. Implement these three hacks, and you should start seeing results.

1. Focus on Growth, Not Marketing

The traditional retail strategy of heavy marketing is a strategy based on the fundamental understanding that you have to drive traffic to your store if people are going to buy. That’s a fine strategy in the brick-and-mortar world where geography limits a retailer’s target audience. It is not so helpful in the online arena. Online retailers have access to potentially millions of people, so just driving traffic is not necessarily an end to itself.

Our first hack is one of dispensing with the marketing mindset in favour a growth mindset. How you define growth is up to you. However, growth could be just one or two customers per month. As long as progress is being made, you are on the right track.

Focusing on growth is a matter of finding out what makes your customers tick. You can do that through customer surveys, polls, and other devices that directly engage visitors. Tying your Shopify store to social media for this purpose is a great idea.

2. Consider a Redesign

Believe it or not, the look and feel of your store will directly affect traffic and conversion rates. For example, an online store focusing on women’s fashion needs to have a look and feel that appeals to women. If you were to use that same look and feel on a site promoting hunting equipment for under-30 males, things wouldn’t go so well.

Again, use customer surveys and polls to find out what visitors think about your site. Ask questions targeting things such colours, graphics, straight lines versus curves, etc.

3. Giveaways and Reviews

The store owner operating a brick-and-mortar enterprise might offer giveaways every now and again as a means of driving traffic. It’s very effective. Online retailers can do the same thing, but they should be adding one important component to their giveaways: exchanging free products for customer reviews. In other words, offer your customers a free product in exchange for an honest review of your store and service. Make it known that those reviews will be posted online for all to see.

Just a few hacks can change the dynamic of your Shopify store considerably. Give these three a try and see how they go.

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