3 Secrets of WordPress Few People Know


Most WordPress users consider themselves pretty proficient. Indeed, many are. But anything even remotely related to computers and networking is rife with hidden secrets that are kept from the general public for a variety of reasons. There are even those secrets buried deep in the heart of WordPress that only its developers are aware of.

Developers do not keep secrets just for the sake of doing so. Sometimes they do it to protect their work, other times it is to protect users. Some secrets are just the result of there being too much information to tell everyone everything. To give you an idea, here are three secrets of WordPress few people know:

1. Excessive Code Can Harm SEO Results

One of the benefits of WordPress is that you do not need to have extensive knowledge of coding to use it. But that benefit has a drawback: not understanding code makes it impossible to know whether a WordPress theme has too much of it.

This is a problem because excessive code can harm SEO results. Search engine algorithms look for efficiently written pages that do not contain the bloat. Why? Because bloat slows down load times. As such, bloated sites do not perform as well for SEO purposes.

2. Image Names Matter

WordPress users can upload all sorts of images for use in pages and posts. It turns out that the names of those images matter. Image names appear in links and placeholders seen by search engine spiders. They tell the spiders a little bit about how images relate to the overall content of the page. This is important because search engine algorithms attempt to establish relevance between images and written text.

Relevance is a big thing for modern search engines. If you have two websites ostensibly covering the same topic, the one that is more relevant is going to rank better than the other one. Next to keywords, relevance is the second most important factor in SEO rankings.

3. You Can Edit Theme Files

Every WordPress theme is built on individual text-based files that tell web browsers how to display information. You can see a full list of those files by navigating to your dashboard, then clicking on Appearance>Editor. The list will be on the right side of the new page. You can use the editor to change them as you see fit.

Why would someone do this? Perhaps the font originally chosen for the theme in question does not suit the overall look and feel of your site. You might want to edit the style.CSS file to change it. A word of caution here: if you ever have need to edit one of these files, be sure you are using a child theme instead of the original. Otherwise, all your edits will be lost next time your theme updates.

There are plenty more WordPress secrets where these three came from. Rest assured that there is a lot more to know than most of us could probably comprehend.

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