3 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rates


You have set up your Shopify store by following all of the directions found in the official documentation. You have implemented a number of suggestions you have learned by reading blog posts. Everything seems to be all ready to go, so where are the paying customers?

Becoming a successful online retailer requires more than setting up a Shopify store and driving traffic to your website. Once visitors arrive, they need a reason to stick around and shop. They need a reason to buy from you rather than one of your competitors. In the online world, this is encapsulated in what we call ‘conversion rates’.

Conversion rates quantify how many visitors to your site actually purchase something. A website with high conversion rates is one that is generating revenue and bringing back repeat business. One with low conversion rates is not doing so well. If you have a lot of visitors but very few paying customers, your conversion rates are suffering.

Here are three ways in which you can increase your conversion rates over time:

1. Feature Your Best Products

Featuring your best products is likely to speak to those first-time visitors who land on your site. For example, let’s say you sell smartphone accessories. Pick the best two or three products in your inventory and feature them by giving them prominent placement on your site. You can create dedicated landing pages, a slideshow that appears on every page of your store, or a few blog posts that describe the products and why buyers should consider them. You can even create a list of ‘best sellers’ on your homepage with links to those featured products.

2. Develop Multiple Product Categories

Another thing that retail customers find very helpful is product categories. They do not really want to browse through page after page of on-site search results looking for that one product that might be buried deep in your site. They would rather shop by looking at specific categories that help them narrow their searches more quickly.

You can categorize your products according to:

  • function
  • price range
  • best sellers
  • sale items
  • seasonal items.

3. Make Two-Way Communication Easy

When you go into a brick-and-mortar shop, don’t you want the ability to speak with sales representatives able answer your questions? Of course you do. The online experience should be no different. You need to make a point of making two-way communication as easy as possible in your online store.

The first place to start is with e-mail. There should be a link on every page of your site dedicated to this purpose. Another option and one that is becoming more popular is online chat. There are a number of extensions you can add to Shopify that provide real-time chat at whatever hours you designate.

The idea behind increasing conversion rates is giving your customers what they are looking for without making them dig too deeply. Master this art and you will find that your business does very well.

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