4GoodHosting Releases Website Builder for Mobile Websites

4GoodHosting, a website hosting provider based in Vancouver, announced in February (2012) that it was releasing a new website builder which can create websites for mobile phones.

The company announced that its Mobile Website Builder will be using a WYSIWYG interface with the application and will use three simple steps to build mobile websites. And 4GoodHosting had no issues admitting in their press release that they were one of the first Canadian website hosting companies to offer such a program.

Web hosts have opted to partner with existing applications, instead of creating their own, as Myhosting.com also announced their partnership with the mobile website builder application called goMobi.

The application aims to solve the problem of excessive scrolling and compressed graphics when viewing a website on a mobile device, according to the 4GoodHosting press release which announced the release.

Those who use the application can expect to be presented with a number of benefits, including; easy-to-understand controls, control of all style sheets, a full library of templates, and the ability to import content from existing sites. Furthermore, the website builder will have a call button which will make it easy for users to contact businesses whenever they want.

The company is offering seven day free trials for those who want to try out the website builder, but it’s also available in its full form. Prices start at, according to 4GoodHosting, $199 for a basic three mobile page site, but custom packages are also available for sites which want to utilize more pages.

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