7L Managed Dedicated Hosting Launches New Website

One of the market leaders in managed dedicated web hosting, 7L Networks, launched its newest website on the 8th of March 2012.

The website, which is available through 7L.com, is dedicated to providing a more positive customer experience, while also making it easier for online businesses to promote growth. With the new website, 7L Networks has also provided a number of unique products geared towards the realm of hosting.

Cassius Adams, who is the co-founder of 7L Networks, said of the website that: “The new website better represents our values and services, and gives clients quick access to the hosting products their business needs. We look forward to delivering a premium and convenient experience to customers, and to meeting the growing demands of our thriving online community.” He also added that: “The clean interface and new hosting products give us the opportunity to serve our clients better”

There are a number of new products released alongside the website. Just one of the features of these new products is the option to purchase full server management by trained professionals. Other features also include; business and data continuity, cloud-enhanced technologies, hybrid cloud computing, and built-in backups and redundancies.

David Gallo, a managing partner at 7L Networks, said of the new website that: “Given all the hosting options available today, 7L Networks is excited to provide transparent core products that really allow customers to align their services to their needs whether that be expanding on the fly or even scaling back their computing resources,”

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