Accepting POS Payments in Shopify


You already know that Shopify is a great retail platform for selling just about anything online. You might also know that Shopify’s built-in point-of-sale (POS) capabilities make it possible for you to take your online store to a physical location by way of a mobile device. The benefits of such an arrangement should be obvious. Using Shopify as a POS platform allows you to sell at local festivals, pop-up events, and other gatherings.

The tricky thing about using Shopify as a POS platform is accepting payments. If you were to accept cash only, you could get by without needing an internet connection. But that would defeat the purpose of using Shopify as a POS platform. Thankfully, you have more options. Each of them is discussed in more detail below.

1. Cash Payments

Obviously, Shopify never restricts retailers from accepting cash payments. Perhaps you have already enabled cash payments in your Admin section. If not, you will need to do so before you begin accepting cash. Just navigate to Admin>Payments, then click the ‘Cash‘ switch to turn the function on.

2. Credit and Debit Cards

Nearly every Shopify user accepts credit and debit cards by default. That is the nature of online retailing. Having said that, you can accept credit and debit cards in one of two ways:

  • Shopify Payments – This is the default platform for accepting credit and debit cards in Shopify. Transactions are processed directly by Shopify for the convenience of retailers. It is enabled by default whenever retailers choose to accept credit and debit cards through the Admin section of the platform.
  • Third-Party Gateways – Shopify users with accounts that qualify can accept credit and debit card payments through third-party gateways like and USA ePay. In order to qualify, a user’s payment account must be based in Canada or the US, the user’s Shopify plan must include the retail package, and a compatible card reader must be used.

3. Gift Cards

You can accept gift cards for a POS transactions as long as these are enabled in the Payments section of the Shopify Admin. If gift cards are not yet activated, you can do so using the same process described above for activating cash payments.

4. Store Credit

Lastly, you can complete POS transactions using store credit. Again, this option must be enabled in the Payments section. It would only be available to customers who have already earned store credit through whatever means you have established. This could be through promotional campaigns, referrals, or as the result of refunds or exchanges. It is entirely up to you.

Shopify offers numerous payment options that make using the platform as a POS tool very easy. It is yet another reason to continue using Shopify over other e-commerce platforms not offering nearly the same level of functionality. In short, Shopify makes being an online retailer as easy as can be. The ability to use Shopify as a POS tool only makes an already great platform so much better.

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