Adding a Calendar Page to Your WordPress Site


Have you ever been on a website that included a calendar page of activities? Non-profits, churches, and sports teams are just three examples of organizations that make use of calendar pages. If this is something you would like to add to your WordPress site, it’s pretty easy to do. Adding a calendar page to WordPress is as easy as creating a new blog post.

Some website owners use Google calendar to provide the functionality they are looking for. But for others, going with Google is not an option. First, it requires the website owner to share far too much information with Google that he or she might otherwise prefer to keep private. Second, using Google calendar directly links an owner’s website to the search engine giant above and beyond just organic web searches. There are other reasons you might not want to use Google calendar yourself. No worries, there are other options.

Create a Scratch Calendar

You can create a scratch calendar simply by creating a new post and importing a table you previously created with a spreadsheet program. For someone who is proficient in spreadsheet use, this is no big deal. An office suite such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, or Libre Office allows you to create a spreadsheet that can then be exported as HTML. Just copy the code and paste it into your new post while in Text mode. Publish the post and that’s it.

Use a Calendar Plugin

An even easier way to add a calendar page to your WordPress site is to download and install a calendar plugin. There are plenty to choose from, both free and paid. One of the more popular plugins is Events Made Easy from developer Franky Van Liedekerke. Events Made Easy is quickly installable and configurable, and it offers a tremendous amount of functionality combined with ease of use.

With this plugin, you can customize the look and feel of your calendar or let it use the settings of your chosen theme. As far as the events are concerned, you can post them one at a time right from the Dashboard, or create one event and use it as a template. The plugin offers a full range of features including recurring events, attaching thumbnail images, maps and GPS locations in posts, publishing event coordinator information, and so on.

The best part about Events Made Easy is that there is no special configuration needed for your calendar page. You simply create a new page, tell the plugin what that page is, and copy and paste the shortcode anywhere in the page body you want the calendar to appear. The plugin handles creating and displaying the calendar based on the events you have posted through the dashboard.

There are other calendar plug-ins offering varying degrees of functionality. Suffice it to say there should be one that meets your needs and your experience level. With just a few minutes of your time, you can have a beautiful calendar page listing all of the events you want your readers to know, in a clean and good looking package.

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