Adding a Quick Subscribe Button for YouTube Channels to a WordPress Site


If you have a YouTube channel, you most likely want to integrate it with your WordPress blog in some way.  One of the most obvious ways is by embedding videos in your blogs and by adding a link to the channel on the left or right side (on which side all depends on your theme and how you have organized your site).  However, you can also add a small Subscribe button to your site that may get more attention.  Text links on the sidebar may be overlooked, but icons normally stand out more.  Here is a quick WordPress how-to that details two methods of adding a YouTube channel subscription button to your site.

Add Manually

The first method is to add the button manually via code.  The first step in this is to go to the Google Developer website at  Click on Products, then on YouTube (it should be one of the Top Products.  If it’s not, click on Y, then YouTube APIs and Tools).  You will now be on the YouTube Developers page.  On the left navigation bar, you should see YouTube Subscribe Button.  Click here to see the code for the button.

Scroll down until you see the section for “Configure a Button.”  Enter your YouTube channel name and then select the layout, theme, and if the subscriber count is visible or not.  You will see the code in the box change as you change these options.

Now go to your WordPress admin area and click on Appearance, Widgets.  Move a text widget to the sidebar.  Give the widget a title, then go to the code you have created on the Google Developer site and copy it.  Paste that code into the widget and save the changes.  You should now see the YouTube subscribe button you just created on your site’s sidebar.

With a Plugin

The second way of adding a subscribe button is to use a plugin.  This method may be a little easier since it does not involve the Google Developer website.  First, you will need to go to the main WordPress website and install the YouTube Subscribe Button plugin.  Once it is installed, activate it.

Now you will want to go to Appearance, Widgets.  However, this time, instead of adding a text widget, you will want to look for the new YouTube Subscribe Button widget.  Drag it over to the sidebar where you want the subscribe button to appear.

Next, click on the widget to configure it.  You will want to add a title (something basic such as “Subscribe to my YouTube channel”).  Then enter your YouTube channel name or channel ID.  You can change the layout and the theme if you want (the options will be the same as the ones on the Google Developer site).  When you are done, click Save.

Go to your WordPress site and make sure the button looks as it should and is in the location you want it to be.

Either one of these methods work – the only difference is that one requires copying code over from Google while the other involves installing a plugin.  Go with whichever method you are more comfortable with since both get the same results: more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

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