AMD Announces New Chip for Dedicated Hosting Providers

AMD made a splash at World Hosting Days (WHD) this week (mid-March 2012) with the announcement of its new Opteron 3200 processor series. The new processors are squarely aimed at the web hosting industry with performance and power reduction being the main selling points. According to the company’s director of marketing and business development, John Fruehe, the project was developed with direct input from web hosting companies from around the world.

According to Fruehe’s WHD presentation, the Opteron 3200 offers a power savings of approximately 19% per core as well as a 38% increase in price performance and better performance per dollar of about 68%. Fruehe claimed that Web hosts utilizing new technologies could begin earning money on a server deployment up to 14% faster than those using the latest chips from Intel and other competitors. There will undoubtedly be some independent benchmarking by various web hosting companies in order to verify AMD’s claims. Nevertheless, several of AMD’s partners are already publicly on board with the 3200.

“AMD is a great partner, and we’re excited about the new AMD Opteron 3200 Series CPU,” said Steve Cummings of Dell Data Center Solutions. “It allows us to create a custom design for our DCS customers, and deliver a compelling combination of performance and energy efficiency.” He went on to say that the technology is “a good fit for our customers.”

Fruehe also spoke about AMD’s acquisition of SeaMicro during his WHD presentation. Though further details are still pending, he informed the audience that a combination of technology from both companies will enable web hosting outfits to build “ultradense” AMD server racks similar to what Dell and Fujitsu are already providing.

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