Asahi Introduces New Word Press Services

New York-based Asahi Technologies recently announced the launching of a new set of core services designed to provide easy-to-use and low cost solutions for deploying WordPress installations. WordPress is far and away the web’s most popular content management system among both seasoned web developers and new users alike. Its simple concept combines scalability, flexibility, total management, and security in a single package, making it the clear choice among all platforms in the content management class.

Asahi Technologies decided to seize on the popularity of WordPress by digging deep into the platform to find areas where users run into difficulty. Their solutions make it easier than ever to use and deploy WordPress without having to know a single line of code. And because the platform is open source, the Asahi tools can be easily tweaked by the company as WordPress continues to evolve down the road. Asahi Technologies plans to offer their low cost WordPress solutions well into the future.

“At Asahi Technologies, we offer a full spectrum of WordPress solutions from implementation to CMS services for businesses with limited budget issues,” said Asahi Technologies CEO Vinod Subbaiah. “WordPress is an ideal tool for creating low cost websites that are flexible for blogging as well as professional shopping cart CMS. Asahi Technologies offers fully integrated WordPress services from implementation, setup, design – theme conversion, customization and maintenance.”

Asahi Technologies is a software development firm offering custom development and consulting services to SMEs in North America. The company specializes in several niche markets as well as some mainstream areas like cloud computing, mobile app development, software design, and open-source development.

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