Atlantic.Net Invests in California State

Hosting organisation plans to invest in the state of California as part of a massive investment scheme designed to boost its regional business efforts. A newly created partnership with Zenergy Works, a marketing agency, will serve as the vehicle for its marketing and advertising work. specialises in hybrid and cloud hosting solutions, along with specialised VPS services geared towards specific customers.

The move comes as no surprise as the hosting company has been contributing to the community during the past few months. In the aftermath of the chaos caused by Hurricane Sandy, it offered data relief by offering free cloud server hosting for a limited period of time.

Although most of the investment money will go towards unspecific projects, it did say how it would work with Clear Channel Outdoor to use billboards to advertise its services. This classical approach to marketing is still remarkably effective today and studies highlight how it grabs the attentions of passers-by, and leads to credible financial results.

The CEO for Zenergy Works, Eric Van Cleave said on the new partnership between it and in a press release released by the company: “Zenergy Works is excited about our partnership with Atlantic.Net to promote their business hosting services in the California marketplace.”

As of this writing, the majority of its marketing efforts will concentrate on the areas of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. This part of the state is famous for its tech innovation and the support for the industry from the local community. By establishing a prominent presence in the area, can compete with the bigger hosting companies throughout the state. Industry experts also predict the move could spark a march across the entire continental U.S., which, if successful, could elevate the company to untold heights.

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