Atum Official Touts Company’s Quality

In a recent interview with, an official from Canadian web host Atum touted the quality of his company’s services as one of the primary reasons behind their success. Business Development Manager John Posan gave the brief interview which was published by TopHosts on April 4, 2012.

According to Mr. Posan the major difference between Atum and many of its competitors is the fact that it does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to customer needs. Atum staff connect with individual clients by speaking with them personally and discussing to their needs. Rather than using a shopping cart to purchase static Web hosting services clients deal directly with fully trained IT staff to create a package uniquely suited to them. This more personalized approach ensures customer satisfaction and builds brand loyalty.

“I am always receiving positive feedback about how personal of a feel we give our customers,” Posan said. “Not enough hosting companies take the time to discover their client’s needs, make recommendations and ensure they are happy. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and providing you options for hosting and services.”

Another one of the company’s strongest selling points is its exclusive Canadian presence. By maintaining all of its servers inside the country customers who need to keep all of their hosted data inside Canada have a secure and reliable web host to work with. Furthermore, all of the company staff is located in Canada as well. Posan believes that gives his company a competitive advantage over other hosts whose employees might be scattered around the world.

Atum is a Toronto-based web host provider offering standard hosting, VPS, managed and unmanaged hosting, and software as a service. The company also offers a full range of contracted IT services for companies without their own IT staff.

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