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Anthony J. Carter is a freelance writer who works as the main news writer on Web Hosting Ratings. He writes daily on WHR on the latest news story involving the web hosting industry.

WordPress Dual Authentication Workarounds

A number of years ago, hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites around the world were successfully attacked by hackers who used computerized bots to penetrate websites via brute force attacks. They were successful by taking advantage of a vulnerability in the WordPress login authentication process. To prevent further attacks, nearly every web host offering WordPress […]

How to Add a Favicon in WordPress

Have you ever noticed that certain websites bookmarked in your web browser or saved to the main screen of your mobile device have customized icons attached to them? These are called favicons. They are icons chosen by the site developer to provide a unique image associated with that website. There are two things you should […]

Using Shopify as a Retail POS Tool

There is no doubt that Shopify was created as an online retail platform for selling products and services. But thanks to a tremendous amount of development and commitment from the creators of the platform, it can also be used as a retail point-of-sale (POS) tool for smaller retailers without large-scale brick-and-mortar locations. Perhaps you are […]