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Anthony J. Carter is a freelance writer who works as the main news writer on Web Hosting Ratings. He writes daily on WHR on the latest news story involving the web hosting industry.

Changing Your WordPress Login URL

A while back, we published a post explaining how you could implement an authentication protocol that would help to prevent brute force attacks against your WordPress website. A robust authentication system does a great job of blocking access, but it does not necessarily prevent hackers from trying to get into your site. To do that, […]

3 Policies You Can Auto-Generate with Shopify

Online business owners have an obligation to protect themselves and the interests of clients. If you have read the terms and conditions of any of the websites you frequent, you know exactly what we are talking about. Having said that, how do you generate the policies necessary to meet those obligations? You don’t even understand […]

How to Use Tooltips in WordPress

One of the hottest trends in website development right now is minimalism. With the popularity of mobile browsing and the need to create responsive websites, minimalism is a way to create a very attractive site without presenting users with something that is slow to load or too complicated to use. But as wonderful as minimalism […]