Automatically Add a Facebook Group Post to your WP Site


Many people use Facebook every day and, as a part of that use, many people join Facebook groups.  These groups can be about anything – some are for fans of a particular TV show or movie, while others are for professional artists located in a specific city.  Some groups are even private groups used by friends to keep in touch with each other and plan gatherings.  In some cases, you may want to add posts you make to a Facebook group to your WordPress site.

Why do this?  First, it provides access to the information and discussions on Facebook to those who do not use the social media site.  There are some people who dislike Facebook and will not join, while there are others who have so many friends and have liked so many pages that they may miss some of these posts.  Having Facebook automatically post to your WordPress site also creates an archive of the group that is easier to search and view than the Facebook page.  From an SEO point of view, the WordPress blog is being updated on a very regular basis, which looks great to search engines.  This WordPress how-to will walk you through the steps to set up automatic posting.

First, you will need to download the Facebook Group to WordPress plugin.  This plugin is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress website.  After downloading it, go ahead and install it, and then activate it.

Next, go to your Dashboard.  You should now see FB Group Posts on the left navigation bar.  Click on it, and then click on Settings.  This is where you will connect the plugin to Facebook.  First, you will need to find your Facebook App ID.  Click on the link provided to go to Facebook and register as a Facebook Developer.  This is free and does not require doing anything more than agreeing to the terms of use.

Click on Apps, then click Add a New App and select Website.  Name this app and select a category for it (it doesn’t really matter what you select).  Then, instead of going through the setup, click on Skip Quick Start Up on the right.  You will now be on a dashboard with the App ID.

Enter the App ID in the appropriate field.  Back on Facebook, you will see the App Secret number box.  Click show, and then enter your Facebook password to see it.  Copy it to the box on the plugin.

Now go to your Facebook group to find the group ID.  This is the long string of numbers found in the URL for your group.  Here is an example: The group ID here is 123444566.  Copy and paste your group ID into the correct box.

You can leave the List Per Query, Default Post Status, and Default Comment Status to their default settings if you like.

Click on Save Changes.  You should now be able to click on FB Group Posts and see all of your posts (with no duplicates because the app screens for that) and the comments.  This app will update every half hour with new posts.

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