BetterCloud Raises $5 Million in Financing for its Cloud Tools

BetterCloud, which offers cloud management tools for its cloud hosting services, announced it had raised a massive $5 million in funding after its latest round of campaigning led by Flybridge Capital Partners’ David Aronoff.

For its expansion into the management tools market, it has successfully acquired $7.2 million in funding. This move will surely benefit customers from all web-hosting providers. These tools will be compatible with those services and will enable better flexibility and more control over client service packages.

BetterCloud currently has offices in Boston and New York City, and is preparing to enhance its services, which remain in the initial construction stages. Notable companies that invested in the organisation included Greycroft Partners and Bear Creek Capital.

BetterCloud first moved into the Google Apps Marketplace in July and has made significant steps in taking a significant market share for itself. Primarily, FlashPanel, the security and management application, has been the main driving force in its development. It has already gained 15,000 customers with these 15,000 clients using the tool to enhance the experiences of 5.5 million users in every corner of the globe.

David Politis, who founded BetterCloud and acts as its SEO, said the funding would go into developing its next range of products and building on what they already have. Talking to journalists, the founder said, “We’re excited and fortunate to have investors on board that really understand the Google Apps ecosystem and believe in our long-term vision of becoming the Norton Utilities for Google Apps.” He continued by speaking of the company’s progress, “2012 was a great first year and this year we’re looking forward to building on FlashPanel’s foundation by expanding its powerful feature set to service more of the Google Enterprise Cloud.”

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