Beyond Nines Expands into Canada

Seattle-based Web hosting company Beyond Nines has released an important announcement indicating they have opened a new operations centre in Vancouver. Beyond Nines is a web host dedicated solely to non-profit organizations as well as the first of its kind using Blackbaud software products like NetCommunity™, The Financial Edge®, and The Raiser’s Edge®. The expansion into Canada adds another choice for Canadian nonprofits in need of competitive web hosting solutions.

The biggest hurdle for these nonprofits lies in the fact that Canadian privacy laws require them to keep all of their data inside Canada. With a limited number of exclusive Canadian-only web host companies to choose from, nonprofits have been at a competitive disadvantage. Furthermore, when working with companies not dedicated to nonprofits, many of these organizations feel as though their web host providers do not understand their unique needs and constraints. Thus the entrance of the Beyond Nines Group into the Canadian market will mean additional competition and the benefits that come with it. It also means the opportunity for Canadian nonprofits to work with an experienced web host who is intimately familiar with their business model.

The new Vancouver facility opened this past January and immediately began offering services via the Blackbaud suite. They provide traditional web hosting services to nonprofits including website design, consulting, and a number of different hosting packages. In addition they provide a modest list of non-traditional services including training, integration of customer computers with third-party software, analysis of online fundraising operations, and consulting services covering the overall fundraising strategies of an organization.

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