BlackSun Offers New Dedicated Servers

BlackSun, the Canadian web hosting company based in Saskatchewan, has announced their brand-new website in conjunction with the roll-out of their new dedicated servers. The upgraded servers are the latest leg of a long journey BlackSun undertook last year (2011) to provide more and better services to customers.

With the suite of dedicated service comes the ability for customers to customize their environments to their specific needs. This provides greater control, flexibility, and computing power on a per-customer basis.  BlackSun has already built several racks containing the new equipment; they have the capability of adding new racks as customer demand dictates.

“The new dedicated server site is a great tool for users to quickly compare our offerings to other overpriced vendors in the marketplace,” said BlackSun CEO Steve Rogoschewsky. “We have made significant upgrades to our offering in order to compete with the CPU, RAM, and network demands of our customers.”

In the months prior to announcing the new dedicated servers BlackSun was extremely busy on other fronts as well. They’ve been working on cloud computing clusters, improving their high-performance network, and procuring the best servers for their customers. The new dedicated servers are based on the Dell C6100 system which offers the latest state-of-the-art technology and reliability.

For more information on the company’s new dedicated servers customers can contact him directly or take a look at their website. BlackSun also offers shared hosting, collocation, VPS, cloud services, and reseller options. BlackSun is a member of both the Better Business Bureau and the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

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