Bluehost and PrestaShop Make E-Commerce Pact

Web hosting giant Bluehost has officially announced that it’s joining forces with the major e-commerce player PrestaShop to offer customers a superior shopping-cart service.

The new service is directed towards merchants, agencies, shoppers, and developers and will help to provide shopping solutions that make spending and setting up shop much easier.

PrestaShop itself was chosen primarily due to the fact that it’s a growing company that currently powers 125,000 active stores across the world. 150 different countries make up its customer base and now those who deal with Bluehost will be able to utilise a one-click installation of the service.

The VP of Business Development with Bluehost, James Grierson, commented on the partnership and said that: “Bluehost is extremely happy to be able to provide a simple installation of PrestaStop to our users.” Later, he went on to say that: “Together we have developed a streamlined solution for small businesses, allowing them to setup their own website and create an ecommerce store in minutes.”

The price is expected to be very affordable, and Matt Seralta, the Chief Operating Officer of PrestaShop, said that they were hoping that the new service would be usable by even those who knew very little about technology. It’s what, he believes, will make ecommerce attractive to people who know nothing about the fundamentals.

The success of PrestaShop is expected to continue through this new partnership with Bluehost as it runs a community of 350,000 members that regularly provides feedback. A number of code contributions have been offered by users in the past and it has worked wonders. The service is expected to be made available as soon as possible and will provide an increased amount of usability for Bluehost users. Equally, people who use PrestaShop now will be encouraged to take advantage of the partnership by signing up with Bluehost.

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