BlueHost Announces WordPress Video Tutorial

Web hosting company BlueHost announced on February 17 a brand-new video series just added to its YouTube channel. The seven part series is a complete tutorial aimed at helping customers set up and use WordPress on their servers. It is part of a continuing effort from BlueHost to provide educational resources to its Web hosting customers. In so doing the company hopes to create brand loyalty among customers who will then promote them by word-of-mouth.

Entitled “How to Use WordPress”, the video series instructs individuals how to set up a WordPress site from scratch, manage that site, and develop it as needs evolve. It joins a list of eight other video from BlueHost covering everything from the mechanics of how websites work to setting up a full e-commerce website. Some of the more interesting titles include “How to Grow Your Business with SEO” and “How to Set up an E-Mail Forwarder.”

“It has helped a number of our customers and other individuals learn more of the basics of web hosting, so that setting up your own website is not so daunting,” Blue Host CEO Daniel Handy said of the video offerings. “We’ll continue to add more and more videos that will help anyone, even if they are not our customers, learn how to get started and manage their own website.”

So far, customer feedback regarding the educational resources has been mostly positive. BlueHost has designed them to be part of a larger effort intended to reach out and make personal connections with customers and non-customers alike. That larger effort includes the recent addition of Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as a future company blog that will provide information complimentary to the YouTube videos.

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