Bluehost Launches New WordPress Videos

Web hosting companies around the world are well aware that WordPress is perhaps the most rapidly growing blog platform available. They also know that for beginners, setting up a WordPress site can be confusing to the point of frustration. For customers of Utah-based Bluehost, much of the confusion and frustration is now a thing of the past with the launch of their new WordPress video tutorials. The company has introduced a series of these videos that presents a WordPress installation in an easy-to-follow guide specifically tailored to the Bluehost system.

WordPress Hosting Reviews is responsible for creating the videos, as well as customizing the Bluehost copies complete with screen shots of their system. The videos explain several different methods of installing WordPress, including a one-click script for inexperienced beginners and a customized installation for those who are more familiar. Bluehost was responsible for creating the one-click installation script included in the WordPress Hosting Reviews video.

“We are big fans of Bluehost and host several sites with them,” remarked WordPress Hosting Reviews developer Stephen Johnson.” We thought it would be helpful to develop a set of install guides allowing others to learn how we install WordPress at Bluehost.” He went on to say that his company hopes that the “average user will have no challenges when it comes to installing WordPress” via their tutorial videos.

Bluehost’s claim to fame in the crowded web hosting industry is their groundbreaking technology. Though online videos aren’t new, they typically are not used in this way by web hosting companies. This means Bluehost is again ahead of the curve. However, only time will tell how well the videos do in general and how well they do specifically with Bluehost customers.

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