CakeMail Now Available With cPanel

Web hosting companies utilizing the cPanel web management interface now have access to another option for e-mail, thanks to an announcement by Montréal based CakeMail, Inc. The Canadian Company is one of the industry’s main players in providing email tools and services for web hosting companies and resellers. By integrating their platform with cPanel, Cake Mail now has access to millions of potential website owners who manage their space using the automated cPanel software.

Users who wish to take advantage of CakeMail can choose between white label and co-branded options. Either way, it is a fully-hosted platform allowing customers to deploy and maintain mail services quickly and efficiently. It features incredibly easy design tools, and intuitive user interface, and all of the important features web hosting companies and site builders need, including a billing module.

“CakeMail and cPanel were first introduced to each other at a networking event in Canada a number of months ago,” remarked cPanel VP of Operations Aaron Phillips. “Together our integration teams have developed extended functionality for cPanel & WHM that provides users with the ability to use CakeMail services from within our product.”

The joint venture is a big win for CakeMail due to the fact that cPanel is one of the most widely used website control interfaces in the world. CPanel is often praised within the industry for being extremely friendly and easy-to-use, even for website owners without extensive technological expertise. By making CakeMail a part of cPanel, users now have an integrated, white label email tool that works seamlessly with the control panel they are already well-accustomed to.

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