Canada Celebrates as Hosting Locations of Top Million Websites Revealed

Royal Pingdom has just revealed the results of a study they conducted into the locations of the top one million websites in the world. Canada did especially well, and exceeded all expectations, in terms of their performance. In total, though, 43 per cent of the top one million websites in the world are hosted somewhere in the United States.

Royal Pingdom conducted their research by combing through the top million websites in the world last year. They combined the numbers to come to some important conclusions. The world’s top one million websites are hosted between 7,936 cities.

On their website, there is also an interactive map showing exactly where these cities are located with blue dots. Even though the number of cities is high, the top 10 cities actually come together to cover 22 per cent of the top one million websites, or 223,206 sites.

Canada, a growing hosting giant, did particularly well in the rankings with Montreal hitting number 15 with 7,538 of the top one million websites. Another major Canadian city with high hosting ambitions is Toronto. They finished slightly further down at number 38, but it beats many countries like the UK and Germany.

Moreover, the top three cities on the list accounted for just fewer than 10 per cent of the million websites.

The city with the most top websites in the world is Houston, Texas, by a long way with 50,598 sites. In second place is Mountain View, California, in the United States with 29,524. Dallas, Scottsdale, and San Antonio come afterwards.

Perhaps most startlingly of all is cities in the United States take nine of the top 10 sports on this list. Beijing, the capital of China, takes the tenth spot. Afterwards, the American cities take over again. What comes as a surprise to many, is growing markets like the UK and Germany finish far down on the list of websites, when compared with countries like Canada.

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