Canadian Web Host Continue Push in North America

When Québec-based SherWeb first opened its doors in 1998, they were one of the few Web hosting companies servicing Canadian businesses. Not only that, they were the only one focusing on the French Canadian market. From those humble beginnings SherWeb went on to be a pioneer in North American web hosting. One of their greatest accomplishments is the introduction of server-based applications, known today as cloud computing.

In 2005 the company switched from its former model of standard web hosting to a model of on-demand software and software-as-a-service. That set the stage for modern cloud computing as we know it today. SherWeb was one of the first to partner with Microsoft in offering both SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange 2003. They were also the first Canadian provider of Exchange 2007 and Share point 4.0. Late last year (2011) the company was awarded Hosting Partner of the Year 2011 from Microsoft.

“We basically became really a leading provider, not only in Canada, but in North America as well, providing hosted Exchange,” said SherWeb founder and executive vice president Matthew Cassar.

All of this success has led to explosive growth. They ranked 16th among Canada’s Fast 50 in 2011, and 77th among North America’s Fast 500. The company credits much of their recent success to their five-year-old reseller service. Resellers working with SherWeb can resell white label or co-branded services at a profit margin as high as 40%. The reseller market has really been a huge boost for the company especially over the last year and a half.

According to Cassar, if his company keeps on its current track they are “obviously going to continue to grow very, very fast.”

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