Canadian Web Hosting Announces Full Support for Windows Server 2012 for Web Hosting Platform and Services

In a press release put out today (4 September 2012), leading web hosting and IT services provider Canadian Web Hosting has announced the readiness for Windows Server 2012 for web hosting plans including Dedicated Servers, VPS and Cloud Servers running Windows and Hyper-V.

Canadian Web Hosting are well-known for offering a 100% Canadian service and the adoption of the latest generation Microsoft Server OS is a sign of their continuous aim to enhance their service for business and enterprise clients. The release of Windows Server 2012 means that a new operating system, including numerous updates and features, will provide significant web and cloud hosting improvements to customers. The press release gives an example of how the OS can be of benefit:

Web hosting and cloud hosting customers will have strengthened access controls to files and processes, multiple Windows Server 2012 machines can now be managed as a group, Hyper-V can now work in various configurations including multi-tenant environments, enhanced security and isolation, the new Resilient File System (ReFS) gives web hosting customers better scalability and reliability, improved support for open-source standards and applications, and allows for migration of virtual machines from physical server to another without any downtime, enables network virtualization and boosts overall performance for several key metrics.

Matt McKinney, Director at Canadian Web Hosting spoke of the new improved Windows Server 2012, “The technology enhancements Microsoft has delivered with Windows Server 2012 will allow our clients to take full advantage of cloud computing. We are excited to see how Microsoft has simplified the service offering with four versions and improved the economy by offering the same enterprise-class features across the Standard and Enterprise editions. Because of this, our clients can now select a version based on their business requirements and not an arbitrary feature set that put features like high availability out of reach to many customers.”

Canadian Web Hosting operates a team of Microsoft specialists that are able to work with customers looking to get the correct version of the new Windows Server 2012.

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