Canadian Web Hosting Announces Partnership with Juniper

Along with regulatory compliance, there are certain geographic benefits to web hosting in Canada among Canadian businesses. One of Canada’s leading web hosting providers, Canadian Web Hosting, plans to take advantage of those geographic benefits by partnering with Juniper to offer their MX 3-D routers and Junos operating system. The partnership is critical in helping Canadian Web Hosting stay ahead of their rapid growth and increased traffic while still providing solid and stable cloud services to their Canadian customers.

According to Virtual Strategy Magazine, Canadian Web Hosting chose Juniper based on the reputation of their high-performance MX series. Virtual Strategy said Juniper’s MX routers benefit customers by giving them individual control over forwarding functions; an option which allows them to offer more customized service. The MX series routers also have the ability to handle multiple types of traffic.

“Aligning ourselves with an industry leader like Juniper will help us diversify our network infrastructure and improve delivery Cloud and Web Hosting services that are highly reliable and support multi-point connectivity,” Canadian Web Hosting CTO Kevin Liang told Virtual Strategy. “Our goal is to give our customers the best network performance and overall reliability of any host in Canada, and with this deployment, we are boosting performance, decreasing latency and helping our customers compete over the near- and long-term.”

According to Managing Director Matt McKinney, using the new Juniper routers will transform what used to be a “roadblock” into an advantage for their customers by giving them increased flexibility and great new services like multiple connectivity points, geo-dispersal, and Anycast routing. The expansion of the company’s cloud platform is part of a list of services including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, and IT as a service.

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