Canadian Web Hosting Launches New IP Ranges

In a bid to provide its SEO Web hosting customers’ better access to targeted customers, Canadian Web Hosting has announced the release of dedicated IP address ranges to be based in Toronto and Vancouver. The new addresses will be unique class C addresses available to customers who are already hosting in Canada or need Canadian-based hosting.

The advantage of using these dedicated IP addresses is realized by Web hosting companies that want to package a group of related websites within a specific range. Doing so allows for faster traffic between them, more dynamic linking, and the ability to build brands within a given spectrum. According to CWH officials, use of the unique IP ranges provides a better return on investment for marketing campaigns because it increases a company’s online footprint at a very low cost.

“IP diversification is one of the easiest ways to increase search engine visibility of your website,” said Canadian Web Hosting’s Kevin Liang. “With the addition of these new IP ranges, Canadian Web Hosting is able to give our customers a significant advantage in building an online presence, and when you combine this with our 100% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 support and state of the art web hosting infrastructure, our customers are able to compete at the highest levels and improve their SEO strategies.”

With SEO still driving the majority of web marketing, dedicated IP ranges become another tool in the SEO box. Canadian Web Hosting says that the dedicated IP’s can be used on all of the company’s newly launched CA cloud servers as well as their dedicated and VPS servers. Each new server package comes with two dedicated IP’s and the option to add more at a cost of $2 apiece.

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