Canadian Web Hosting Moves to Expand Its Cloud Offerings

Canadian Web Hosting (CWH), the Canada-centric company providing web hosting services to companies demanding a Canadian presence, recently announced a partnership with Green Data Centre (GDC) to expand the range of cloud options being offered to CWH customers. Together, the two companies will now be deploying SmartDataCentre on CWH servers along with VMware, Citrix Xen, and Hyper-v from Microsoft. The addition of SmartDataCentre is designed to give CWH customers more flexibility in their chosen cloud environments.

It appears that Canadian Web Hosting has been working with Green Data Centre to the extent that GDC may be providing the data space for CWH hosting plans. The possibility is underscored by the fact that SmartDataCentre will now be available to GDC customers as well as those already being serviced by Canadian Web Hosting. Yet regardless of how tightly the two companies are connected, the joint effort at bringing SmartDataCentre to their customers is a win-win for both.

“Cloud computing can be a simple web-based application available to customers online, or an array of high powered servers capable of processing thousands of transactions for customers worldwide,” said CWH managing director Matt McKinney. “The only constant for our customers is the cloud itself. In reviewing the broad types of cloud infrastructures required by our customers, and their primary business functions, SmartDataCentre represents a perfect combination of flexibility and performance.”

In similar remarks, Green Data Centre CEO Emerich Winkler explained that the partnership between the two allows both companies to “control access to our pool of resources” whereby customers would experience better service and a “competitive advantage.” Smart Data Centre ostensibly gives each customer more control over their own cloud environment which allows for more customization at the customer level.

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