Canadian Web Hosting Releases New Shared Cloud Hosting Services

Canadian Web Hosting recently released its new shared cloud hosting services based off VMWare. With this latest offering, Canadian Web Hosting becomes the first web host in Canada to offer these services using VMWare technology.

This is major news for businesses in Canada because it means they can centre their data within their own country. Many companies are uneasy about allowing their data to exist through US-based web hosting companies due to legislation reducing the amount of freedom and privacy they have.

Clients who decide to take advantage about these services can use Plesk or cPanel control panels to control their actions and both are available through Windows and Linux. To power these panels, Dell servers at the enterprise-grade utilise hardware-based SANs.

By combining these services with VMWare virtualisation, Canadian Web Hosting can now offer complete protection through redundant hardware failover. Furthermore, it simplifies the shared hosting system.

Matt McKinney, the director of Canadian Web Hosting said, “Traditionally, if you wanted the benefits of virtualization, you had to look at a virtual server or service offering that required technical resources to manage that server. More importantly, many of those same services are located in a country that doesn’t allow customers to meet their privacy requirements with their cloud-based data.”

With the release of these new shared hosting services, clients will gain full 24/7 support direct from Canadian Web Hosting. They’ll also gain a one-click install mechanism to allow them to quickly transition to the new services with applications such as MySQL, Joomla, and WordPress.

McKinney commented on the way the organisation created its systems, “Unlike some of our competitors who use third party resources, our Cloud Shared Hosting plans were built from the ground up using proven Six Sigma methodologies that incorporate the voice of our customer. We recognize that security and geography are just as important as the technology.”

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