Canadian Web Hosting Upgrades Cloud Service

Canadian Web Hosting, one of the main players in Canada’s Internet market, announced today a major upgrade to its service list with the introduction of two new cloud hosting services. Beginning today, the company is now offering cloud hosting solutions and enterprise ready cloud servers. The two services, combined with the company’s certifications as CICA 5970 and SAS70 Type II compliant, demonstrate that Canadian Web Hosting is well-positioned to provide reliable web hosting and cloud services in a way that is both professional and affordable.

Making the new services possible is VMWares’s virtualization software and cloud solutions from Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Xen, an open source project and one of the most widely used cloud virtualization environments. According to Canadian Web Hosting’s chief technology officer Kevin Liang, the combination of his company’s technology and professionalism means their cloud customers can rest assured that their data will never have to leave Canada for cloud servers in other countries. That allows greater customization and integration because it meets the specific needs of Canadian businesses.

“This, in combination with our proven business and security practices and support capabilities, makes for a very compelling cloud service offering that is uniquely Canadian,” said Business and Marketing Officer Matt McKinney. “It adopts our value system and ensures that every Canadian business has access to a enterprise ready cloud hosting service that fits a wide range of budget constraints.”

Canadian Web Hosting has been a Canada-only web hosting company since their founding in 1998. They offer a wide range of web hosting solutions including shared hosting, dedicated servers, VPN services, and cloud hosting. They operate two the data centres; one in Vancouver and the other in Toronto.

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