Carbon60 Successfully Deploys Xsigo Data Center Fabric in Cloud Data Center

In a joint press release put out by Canadian managed hosting provider Carbon60 and Xsigo Systems, Inc., a leader in software-defined infrastructure, it has been announced that Carbon60 has successfully deployed an Xsigo Data Center Fabric in its cloud data center.

The result of this from a Carbon60 perspective is improved server throughput and efficiency thanks to a 7X acceleration in server I/O.

Speaking in a statement, Carbon60 CEO Kelly Beardmore said, “We saw first-hand the limitations of building cloud architectures on traditional networks: administration became increasingly difficult and costly as the cloud grew, and we did not have the performance and quality of service controls needed to support our customers’ I/O-intensive applications. With Xsigo, we now have a faster, more flexible, more cost-effective infrastructure that lets us deliver superior value to our customers. Xsigo is now the backbone of our enterprise cloud hosting platform.”

As well as the marked improvement in server acceleration, using Xsigo has seen a reduction in server backup and restore times, improved VM-to-VM data transfer rates, and reduced VM migration times.

“To meet our customers’ diverse needs, we previously engineered a lot of hybrid solutions such as web servers on VMs and databases on physical machines,” said Kelly, “”But with Xsigo, the performance of our InfiniBand-based cloud makes that unnecessary. Our customers now get the full benefit of the availability and scalability of our cloud platform along with exceptional network and I/O performance.”

CEO of Xsigo Systems Inc. Lloyd Carney spoke of his delight at the news, “We are delighted that Carbon60 chose Xsigo as the foundation of their enterprise cloud hosting platform. The speed and agility of Xsigo’s software-defined infrastructure make it the ideal fit for next-generation providers such as Carbon60 who seek to deliver performance, operational flexibility, and cost effectiveness to a degree that is not possible with any other infrastructure.”

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