Cbeyond Opens Certified Application Servers for Small and Medium Business Customers

Web hosting provider Cbeyond unveiled its new Certified Application Servers so its customers can run productivity apps efficiently and securely. The company is targeting these servers towards small and medium-sized businesses.

The inspiration for this product comes from a recent survey on applications. This revealed that 91% of the small businesses surveyed said applications would act as a critical part of their business activities in 2013.

Cbeyond mainly caters to small business customers, which is why the majority of its products have been targeted towards this audience. They say their Certified Application Servers provide customers with the option to take their existing applications and migrate them to a secure environment in the cloud.

The company plans to support another 6 to 12 applications for each financial quarter. Currently, they provide business productivity applications for platforms like Microsoft Office and Intuit QuickBooks.

The senior vice president of product management, Chris Ortbals said, “Our goal is to provide SMBs with a superior cloud experience that is no different than what they experience on a local desktop. As the only cloud provider tailoring and supporting applications for specific SMB use cases, Cbeyond further serves as the technology ally to small and mid-sized businesses, helping them drive efficiency by truly aligning both cloud and network capabilities.”

Much of the credit for the web host’s enhanced security comes from its symmetrical bandwidth. This links the customer with a secure data centre. Since this privately owned centre uses TotalNetwork architecture, application data will not touch the public Internet domain.

Customers taking advantage of these servers should expect to wait about a week to migrate new software programs to the cloud. During this time, engineers perform load and impairment testing to ensure compatibility with the network, both to protect the network and other customers.

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