CDN Akamai Technologies Reveals New CEO for a New Year

CDN Akamai Technologies unveiled its new CEO as Dr. Tom Leighton from January 1, 2013. The move comes after Paul Sagan announced he would step down once the company could find someone to replace him.

The move brings in Dr. Tom Leighton, who is one of the co-founders of the company, as well as the acting chief scientist. He will take over from Mr. Sagan who has held the post since 2005, and has acted as president since 1999.

Akamai’s employment process broke the ways of most companies by operating a transparent search. They used an independent search to actively scour the industry, as well as its own ranks, for somebody who could potentially take over.

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Martin Coyne II, the lead director the organisation commented on the search: “When we began evaluating our options for the next CEO of Akamai, our objective was simply to have the best possible leadership team in place for continued growth and innovation in the years ahead, and that’s what we’re doing with tom’s appointment.” He continued to speak of the review process: “We conducted an exhaustive review of the company’s strategy and opportunities as we evaluated a broad range of potential candidates. We are confident that naming Tom is the best and the most natural evolution of management responsibility at Akamai.”

In other news, both Leighton and Sagan will retain their posts as company directors. Sagan will also take the reins of senior advisor to the company where he will work on management transition and the company’s 2013 business strategy.

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