CIRA Pushing for More Canadian E-Mail Exchanges

If you’re a resident of Canada, did you know that your e-mails are likely routed through the United States if their eventual destination is on the other side of the country? According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), that’s the case for a good number of e-mails sent from Canadian computers. According to the CIRA the problem lies in the fact that there are only two Canadian-based e-mail exchanges as opposed to 85 in the US. As a matter fact, there are only 350 exchanges around the world.

CIRA officials are concerned about the situation because any e-mails being transited through another country are subject to that country’s laws and regulations. They would prefer all Canadian e-mails going to other Canadian addresses stay on Canadian soil. In order to make that happen, Canada needs several more exchanges located in some of the country’s biggest cities.

Furthermore, sending e-mails through other exchanges most definitely increases latency and slows down delivery time. Right now an e-mail travelling from Vancouver to Montréal definitely goes through the United States at minimum; it may even be routed through other jurisdictions before it eventually reaches its destination. Not only does this raise security concerns, it also increases the time it takes for the data to make the trip. The extra time would be eliminated with additional Canadian-based exchange points.

“You should be able to see and feel increased performance on the Internet,” said CIRA president and chief executive Byron Holland. “Right now a majority of traffic is being sent through major exchange points in the United States.”

Currently, the two existing Canadian exchanges are located in Toronto and Ottawa. The CIRA wants to see new exchanges in Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montréal, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

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