Cirrus Tech Announces New CloudTO for Canadian Customers

Late last year (2011) Canadian web hosting company Cirrus Tech went public with plans to improve its cloud environment, SaaS tools, and VPS hosting in preparation for launching a new-and-improved cloud service for its Canadian customers. All that work came to fruition with the recent announcement of the company’s new CloudTO hosting now available in Canada. For now the service is being offered from the company’s Front Street facilities in Toronto.

The new service provides customers with state-of-the-art cloud environment that includes built-in load balancing to ensure all its sites stay up and running — even in the event of equipment failure. Furthermore, the Dell Power Edge C servers all utilize independent equipment that is self-repairing. If one node goes down a new one is brought up automatically to take its place and keep things running. The promise of the new technology is to provide near 100% up-time in a fully scalable environment.

“At Cirrus, we’re always looking to bring our Canadian web hosting customers the best technology available,” wrote Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi in an official press release. “We designed CloudTO with the latest in fully redundant cloud architecture and infrastructure, creating the high-availability environment today’s consumer demands.”

Mirdamadi went on to say the CloudTO service has three different tier options known as Elastic Cloud, Cloud VM, and Private Cloud. Each of the three options has its own price tag and available features to meet the needs and budgets of all Cirrus Tech customers. The company is providing seamless upgrades and 24/7/365 support as well.

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