Cirrus Tech Announces ThreatSTOP Deployment

Customers of Canada’s Cirrus Tech Ltd. can breathe a little easier with the announcement of ThreatSTOP being deployed across a company’s entire network. ThreatSTOP protects networks from outside attacks by limiting traffic both ways through a firewall based on the principle of IP reputation. The service protects customers from malware, Internet worms, botnets, trojans, and other types of sophisticated Internet attacks that make secure data so vulnerable.

With the system now deployed all Cirrus Tech customers are protected at no further cost to them. The real-time protection works with existing firewalls to automatically step in and close down traffic from IP addresses known to be suspicious. Furthermore, because it is a cloud-based system it is able to plug up any holes that a particular attack might expose. Although ThreatSTOP is not perfect in its application or practice, when added to an entire suite of security tools as an added layer it changes the game significantly.

“Online security is a major concern for any business,” said Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “By bringing the ThreatSTOP security system into our safety infrastructure, our web hosting customers are safer than ever. At Cirrus, we are proactive in protecting our network. When it comes to security, a dose of prevention goes a long way to keeping data safe.”

Cirrus Tech Ltd. has been in the web hosting business in Canada since 1999. They provide VHS, VPS, VM, and cloud hosting services both to Canadian customers and those in other parts of the world. They enjoy a great reputation within Canada for their customer service and value.

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