Cirrus Tech Embraces Windows VM Hosting

Canadian web hosting company Cirrus Tech, Ltd. has made a major announcement regarding its cloud and virtual hosting solutions. The company has made it known they are now offering Windows Server Cloud Virtual Machine (VM) hosting along with the rest of their impressive lineup of services. The new option was added in response to the needs of some customers to have a Microsoft-based virtual cloud environment that is easily customizable and managed by their own administrators.

Some of the main features of the new platform include the Parallels Plesk control panel, MySQL database, phpMyAdmin, and SSH/Root Access. The VMs are fully customizable and manageable for administrators, allowing them to do a variety of things on their own including Windows updates, patches, backups, and so on. Cirrus Tech is touting the new platform as being a combination of the best of a dedicated server with the strength and flexibility of a virtual machine.

“Almost anything you can think of doing with a dedicated server, you can also handle with a Virtual Machine,” said Cirrus CEO Ehsan Mirdamadi. “We’ve built our VM hosting services from the ground up to offer a reliable, flexible and cost effective solution that can meet the hosting needs of any business, whether simple or complex.”

Parallels VP John Zanni also commented on the Cirrus Tech announcement saying, “This powerful combination of Parallels Plesk Panel with Parallels virtualization provides Cirrus Tech with the ability to deliver Windows Server virtual machines, with all of the features and functionality that SMBs are seeking.”

Zanni went on to say that Cirrus Tech customers utilizing the Windows platform will have the ability to manage their VMs form anywhere, in an environment that it simple, streamlined, and build on the idea of self-service.

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